Institute Supports Development of Robotic Arm

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Haris Salkić is a young entrepreneur launching his own company called HAS Robotics, where he will develop and produce robotic arms for educational purposes. He already developed a prototype and called it HAS One. Haris says that he will eventually start making industrial robots, and his ultimate goal is to produce robotic arms that will be used in medicine.

“The support we got from the Institute and the Embassy of Sweden is very important, and we plan on using those funds to further develop our business”, says this young entrepreneur, adding that his first launch is planned for the beginning of April. Haris says that the company is receiving pre-orders and has already sold several robotic arms.

Although robotics is not too popular in BiH, Haris says that the public is very interested in his idea. The support he got from the public encouraged him to continue and showed that he is on the right track with his business idea.

“HAS Robotics will be the first company of its kind in southeastern Europe. There are two companies like ours in France and one in Great Britain”, said Haris.

Haris has this to say to young people - Never give up on your dreams. Work hard and give it your all, and success is sure to come.

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