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In a little over a month, the Institute for Youth Development KULT and our local partners received more than 650 requests for devices that would allow students to continue their school year online. We received requests from all parts of the country, and some came from Bileća, a small town in East Herzegovina. Several of the Institute’s employees spent the day with Bileća students and donated 14 laptops and 2 desktop computers. All the computers were given directly to students who will be using them, and will keep them even after they’re back in their classrooms.

The computers were collected through the initiative “Education for All”, and since Bileća doesn’t have a local collection point, the Institute’s employees decided to take the computers to their new owners themselves.

“He doesn’t have a computer or a tablet, or anything, so how can he attend class online?”, worries Slađana, mom of one of the students we visited. Thanks to the support of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), businesses and individuals, Slađana’s family and 15 other families now have everything their children need to attend class online.

“This is great, we weren’t too hopeful, but we tried although we didn’t really expect much, but now you’re here. Thank you, I really don’t have words to express how grateful we are. Now he’ll be able to finish 4th grade without a problem,” said Slađana.

Directors of schools in Bileća also expressed gratitude and support for the initiative, while noting that there are still several families who need tablets.

Together with local partners, the Institute has so far donated almost 400 tablets and laptops in 13 communities in BiH, and is planning to donate another 200. If you would like to join this initiative, you can donate new of used equipment to any of the local collection points. You can find a list of all collection points here.

Donacija laptopa u Zenici

Virtual learning successfully enforces physical distancing among teaching staff and students. While necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this approach has caused some problems as well. Hundreds of students across BiH lack appropriate devices to access online classes, which prompted the Institute for Youth Development KULT to launch the “Education for All” initiative, and provide the necessary equipment to as many students as possible.

Oprema za 100 učenika

From today, one hundred children from marginalized families will be able to attend their online classes, thanks to the initiative “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with local partners. Open Society Foundation BiH supported the initiative by donating 100 laptops for students in 9th year of elementary school, and the first three years of high school.

The laptops will be gifted to students in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Zenica. In cooperation with the Parents’ Council of Sarajevo Canton and the Association Novo društvo, 40 laptops will be given to students in Sarajevo, and in cooperation with local partners, 30 laptops will be given to students in Tuzla and Zenica each.

“The donation made by the Open Society Foundation is a major contribution to the initiative we’re implementing across Bosnia and Herzegovina and an example of solidarity and a quick response to student’s needs”, said Aldin Alić, PR of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, adding that teams are already on their way to give the laptops to children.

The Institute established local collection points in 18 local communities in BiH, which collect and forward the equipment they receive to students in their local communities. The complete list of local collection points is available here. It’s important to include as many businesses and private individuals in this initiative, through establishing local collection points or making a direct donation, so we can make sure all children from marginalized families get the equipment they need to successfully finish the school year. Several thousands of students don’t have the necessary equipment for taking part in online classes.

The Foundation’s donation is also important because the students will keep their laptops and use them for school even after the coronavirus pandemic is over. Stay up to date with the initiative on social networks through the hashtag #darujzanastavu.

Online classes are a challenge to students and teaching staff across BiH since they are faced with a lack of adequate technical equipment that would allow them to organize and take part in online classes. That’s why the Institute for Youth Development KULT launched the initiative “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” to provide as many marginalized students as possible with the technical equipment they need to attend online classes.

Thanks to the support of Klika, a software company, 130 students from 10 elementary schools in Bosanska Krupa, Travnik, Ilijaš and Zenica got the equipment they need for online classes. Klika decided to support the teaching staff in Travnik and donate two computers and two printers which will help them prepare quality online classes.

“Our company believes in the power of education, and we think every child in BiH must have adequate conditions and easy access to education in all circumstances, including this coronavirus pandemic”, said Mr. Edin Deljkić, Director of Klika, adding that the towns they’re donating to are hometowns of Klika’s founders.

Livnjak Sedin, the father of two of the students who were given tablets today, expressed his gratitude for this act, because his sons were unable to attend classes online. BH Telecom supported this action, in addition to their other activities, and provided students with free internet access, so they now have everything they need for online classes.

Over the past 15 days, from the beginning of the “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” initiative, the Institute for Youth Development KULT and its partners provided 300 students from across BiH with the equipment they need. Unfortunately, there are still many students who can’t access online classes. That’s why the Institute will continue working on this initiative and is inviting all individuals and businesses to join us by donating equipment or forming local collection points in their communities, so we can work together on making sure that all students have access to online education.


OŠ Srednje

Srednje Elementary is located in the rural part of the municipality Ilijaš, and some students live more than 20 km from the school. Although online classes should be only a few clicks away, they’re facing problems that make this type of teaching much more difficult. Part of the problem is the school’s location, which means Internet coverage is not good. Another problem is the fact that not all children had access to computers they could use. This is why the Institute for Youth Development KULT supported the school through the “Donate IT equipment - help students learn online!”.

Within 24 hours of learning they will have to switch to online teaching, the school’s staff and management used the Google for Education platform to provide access to classes.

“We had prior experience with this platform - we used it when our students were in Ski School. With the help of our teachers, we managed to adapt it and prepare the platform practically overnight, so it was ready on March 13”, said Dženita Čehajić Kulo, School Director.

85 students don’t have constant Internet access, but they are working on solving this issue in cooperation with BH Telecom. Last week, students were provided with 700 MB of mobile internet every day, so they can do their online classes.

This school took it upon themselves to make sure their students have the equipment they need. Some of the computers were loaned to students by the school, and a significant number was donated. Over the past few weeks, Srednje Elementary provided 36 pieces of equipment with the help of various donors, and now they say all their students have what they need for online classes. Thanks to donations by private individuals, the Institute for Youth Development KULT donated 3 tablets valued at 500 BAM, that will be given to students who need them.

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The staff go beyond supporting their students and their families and helping them get the necessary equipment and mobile internet - they are at the disposal of all members of their community who need their help. On their days off, they take deliver groceries and hygiene products to senior citizens and people in need. Srednje Elementary is a good model for how a school can rise to the occasion and continue providing education and support to its students.

Join the initiative “Donate equipment - help students learn online!” by establishing a collection point in your local community or by donating equipment#darujzanastavu

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