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The EU Info Center hosted a presentation of the Methodology for developing the Charter of Human Rights in the Business Sector in BiH”, which is an activity of the initiative “Improving Human Rights in the Business Sector” implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT in partnership with the Association of Employers of FBiH and with the support of the European Union. Today’s event was attended by representatives of the business sector, CSOs, the media and government institutions.

The main purpose of the Charter on Human Rights is to make the business sector aware of their potential to commit human rights violations, regardless of their main activity, and to provide them with mechanisms and recommendations on how to prevent human rights violations.

The initiative “Improving Human Rights in the Business Sector” is based on UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and aims to ensure respect for human rights in all segments of business operations of BiH business owners, regardless of their size or type of activity.

The state has a duty to protect, but businesses are also required to respect human rights in their everyday operations, and to provide recourse mechanisms for victims of their potential human rights violations”, said Mr. Gianluca Vannini, Head of Operations Section III (Social Development, Civil Society and Cross Border Cooperation).

Assistant Minister of Human Rights, from the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, Saliha Đuderija, said that human rights permeate our everyday lives and are present in various areas. “In addition to what we understand as worker’s rights, we also must ensure that companies are aware of their duty to protect human rights, especially in terms of their own activities”, said Ms. Đuderija.

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The event included a presentation of the “Baseline Analysis of Human Rights in the Business Sector in BiH” conducted this year by the Institute. More than half of the surveyed companies stated that they have a document outlining their commitment to protecting human rights in terms of their own operations, but only 6.07% have a publicly available document. A quarter of the surveyed companies said that they do not currently have this document, but they do think they need it, while 19.9% believe they do not need one such document.

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In order to improve the respect for human rights in the business sector, the Institute for Youth Development KULT, with the financial support of the European Union and in cooperation with the Employers' Association of FBiH, launched an initiative to improve human rights in the BiH business sector.

Considering the fact that BiH is faced with a lack of respect for human rights in the business sector, - a problem compounded by the lack relevant statistical data on negative corporate impacts on human rights, the Institute is taking steps to contribute to improving this situation.

In order to assess the current situation and find ways to bring change, public consultations were held with business owners in multiple BiH cities. The consultations were also used to develop a questionnaire designed to examine the current situation when it comes to corporate responsibility for respecting human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The questionnaire is in electronic format, which makes it easily accessible, and takes only 10 minutes to complete.

The questionnaire is aimed at the business sector and businesses, to enable them to contribute to the implementation of the initiative by responding to the questions. All companies in BiH interested in supporting the initiative can contact us for more information by August 31, 2019, via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The aim of the initiative is to outline a standard policy with practical guidelines and present it to BiH companies. The initiative's activities will directly support and promote to the general public concrete programs for corporate volunteering. The initiative will help companies and civil society organizations in BiH to protect human rights, and will support an approach adapted to marginalized groups.

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Improving human rights in the business sector was the topic of the meeting held between representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the company “Messer - Gases for life”.

The meeting was held on April 25, 2019 as a part of an initiative implemented by the Institute and funded by the European Union.

During the meeting “Messer” presented their examples of good practice with regards to respect of human rights, socially responsible business and corporate volunteering. Representatives of “Messer” presented the Messer Group “Code of Conduct, which is based on UN’s 10 Guiding Principles. The Code defines the rights of “Messer” employees, defines the safety regulations within the company, environmental issues, security of data, client and employee crisis management, fighting corruption. 

During the meeting, a representative of “Messer” presented the trainings they hold for their employees, which include workplace safety, foreign language courses, team building and professional training.

Representatives of the Institute will actively cooperate with representatives of “Messer” on implementing the initiative “Improving Human Rights in the Business Sector in BiH”.

javne konsultacije prava radnikaDuring the month of June, the human rights of workers were discussed in Goražde, Zenica, Bijeljina and Mostar, during public consultations on the questionnaire designed to determine the extent to which the human rights of workers are respected in BiH.

The questionnaire was developed by the Institute for Youth Development KULT within the project “Improving Human Rights in the Business Sector” funded by the EU. Consultations with business owners and government representatives were organized to obtain comments and suggestions for the current version of the questionnaire.

The consultations were intended to gauge whether the questions are adequate and if the business owners will be able to answer them. Comments and suggestions we received during the consultations will be incorporated into the final version of the questionnaire.

It was also an opportunity to present the UN’s Guiding Principles (UNGP), which were used in developing the questionnaire and to talk about the state of human right in the business sector in general.

The questionnaire, after being finalized, will be sent to business owners in BiH whose responses will contribute to improving the current situation - one that according to all parameters is unfavorable for workers.

There are no relevant statistical data about negative corporate effects on human rights in BiH. Lack of awareness and knowledge about the Guiding Principles and the responsibilities of countries, their obligations and practical instructions for implementing the UNGP, causes workers to face frequent violation of their human rights in the business sector.

The project Improving Human Rights in the Business Sector is funded by the EU with around 200,000 EUR, and is implemented by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Association of Employers of FBiH.


U Bosni i Hercegovini često se govori o nedovoljnom poštivanju osnovnih ljudskih prava u privrednom sektoru. O radnicima i radnicama govori se kao o nedovoljno zaštićenoj kategoriji, no zvaničnih podataka o stvarnom stanju nema.

Kako bi se osiguralo veće poštivanje ljudskih prava u ovom sektoru, Institut za razvoj mladih KULT je uz finansijsku podršku Evropske unije i u saradnji sa partnerima pokrenuo  inicijativu za Poboljšanje ljudskih prava u privrednom sektoru.

Ugovor o partnerstvu sa udruženjem poslodavaca Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine je potpisan 11. februara 2019. godine u Sarajevu, a podrška na projektu su kompanija Coca Cola BiH i  Ministarstvo ljudskih prava i izbjeglica BiH.

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Cilj je promovisati i zagovarati provedbu programa za korporativno volontiranje koji pomažu bh. preduzećima u zaštiti ljudskih prava te podržavaju pristup marginaliziranih grupa njihovim pravima.

U okviru inicijative bit će realizovano i istaraživanje o poštivanju ljudskih prava u bh. privrednom sektoru, a rezultati istraživanja poslužili bi kao polazna osnova kreiranja smjernica koje će voditi ka poboljšanju stanja u ovoj oblasti.

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