G Bubalo

Goran Bubalo was a mainstay in the BiH civil society. If you didn’t know him personally, then you found a job or a seminar to attend thanks to his posts and writing. He was a genuine peacemaker, who did so much for the young and the old for all people in BiH and the region.

We have lost one of the greatest activists in the Balkans. Someone who always found time for each and every one of us, who would always give you advice and support with your projects, activities, people, donors.

The civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina is irrevocably changed now that he’s left us. That’s why we have an obligation to keep alive Goran’s dedication, spirit, ideas and vision for true reconciliation and a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. We mustn’t stop, the society needs us and we owe that much to Goran.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is extending sincere condolences to the family Bubalo.

Thank you, dear Goran, for everything you did for us and the young people in BiH.


During yesterday’s session, the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly adopted the Proposal of law amending the Law on VAT. The initiative to amend the VAT law, however, dates back to 2016, when the Institute led advocacy efforts to amend the Law, with the support of more than 30,000 business owners.

Adopting this proposal would mean that the deadline for paying VAT is moved from the 10th of the month, to the last business day in the month. This decision would be valid for 90 days, and the Council of Ministers of BiH can extend it for another 90 days.

MP who submitted the Proposal, Mr. Zvizdić, supported the initiative to amend the law since 2017, when he issued a public statement in support of the initiative to extend the deadline for paying VAT and reduce the daily penalty rate from 0.04% to 0.02%. Unfortunately, the Council of Ministers of BiH rejected the initiative which was proposed through an MP question by BiH Parliamentary Assembly MP Saša Magazinović, and prepared in cooperation with the Institute. The response stated that the initiative was unacceptable for several reasons: it required amendments to relevant laws and regulations and changes in administrative procedures; it would compromise the ability of the Indirect Tax Authority to pay refunds to tax payers; it would jeopardize payments of international obligations, i.e. foreign debt payments; introducing a new VAT payment system would be costly.

The need to amend the Law and extend the VAT payment deadline is even more urgent now during the coronavirus pandemic, when the economy is under threat due to limited or halted business operations. The Proposal of law amending the Law on VAT should go through the regular adoption procedure and be adopted under normal circumstances as well, and not be used just as a temporary measure during the coronavirus pandemic.

BiH has the strictest VAT payment deadlines in Europe. Other countries give significantly more time and use significantly longer accounting periods than the one month used by BiH. Also, most European countries allow small business owners to pay their VAT after they have received payment for their work or services. This measure was included in a comprehensive set of measures advocated by the Institute through our initiative and is in line with current EU directives.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT fully supports this Proposal and encourages MPs in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to adopt the Proposal.


The measures put in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic mean that civil society organizations, and others, are unable to meet in person for the time being. However, we still have the option of holding meetings online, which is faster, cheaper and easier. Today, the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Youth Council of Republika Srpska held an online meeting dedicated to current youth issues in Republika Srpska, and what the Youth Council did to adapt and continue working through the pandemic.

We discussed both our prior cooperation and new opportunities.
The Youth Council talked about their current capacities and plans, and described their cooperation with young people from all parts of BiH.

Some of the topics discussed were building capacities and creating new opportunities for youth in Republika Srpska and the Council’s support for the Institute’s survey on the needs of youth in BiH.

This meeting was an opportunity to discuss how the Institute can support the Youth Council with funding and expertise in their efforts to develop new projects and programs, and launching potential joint initiatives aimed at young people. We also discussed signing a memorandum of cooperation, which should happen sometime in the near future.

The meeting participants were Nikola Stjepanović and Živko Ćetojević from the Youth Council of Republika Srpska and Šeherzada Halimić and Katarina Vučković from the Institute.

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