Swedish Royal Couple Spends Time With Children from Banja Luka and Sarajevo


Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Prince Daniel visited Sarajevo today. One of the places they visited was the Bosnian-Swedish company System Verification, where they attended a presentation of the ROBOKIDS program, which is supported by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden, and had a chance to meet the little ROBOKIDS participants from Banja Luka and Sarajevo.

The little participants showed impressive knowledge and IT skills and together they built a Lego model of the Curiosity Rover. This Rover too ended up on Mars, investigating if there is life on this planet. The royal couple was thrilled with the effort the little scientists put into their project, and were very interested in the Rover’s expedition on Mars.

Mars“This is awesome, I’m so happy because we made the Rover that went to Mars. I hope that one day I’ll go to Mars too”, said Mak Filipović, a 10-year-old boy from Sarajevo. His friend from Banja Luka, Maša Gajić (7) said she enjoyed today’s workshop and that she doesn’t regret having to get up early to get to Sarajevo on time.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden supports the Institute’s work through developing youth entrepreneurship programs and empowering young politicians and youth leaders from all parts of BiH. Young people from BiH and the region are leaving their countries, and the Kingdom of Sweden supports these programs to contribute to creating better conditions for young people who can contribute to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thanks to the support of the Kingdom of Sweden, the Institute for Youth Development KULT successfully empowered more than 300 young people, and contributed to the launch of 40 start-up businesses co-funded by 8 local communities in BiH. Through the Institute’s support program, the Kingdom of Sweden supported ROBOKIDS with 100,000 EUR over the course of two years.   STEM programs at ROBOKIDS started this summer, and more than 750 children have already taken part.

The Institute extends its gratitude to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden on our cooperation, and reiterates its willingness to continue working on improving the standard of living for all BiH citizens, particularly youth.

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